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Schedule waste management

Schedule Waste Management Your Trusted Waste Management Company Expert Scheduled Waste Management in Malaysia Scheduled waste management is a critical component of environmental protection, involving the systematic handling, treatment, and disposal of waste that poses potential hazards to both health and the environment. As a leading waste management company in Malaysia, Hydro Metal emphasizes the …

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Recycling & Recovery

your trusted recycling & Recovery company Leading The Way in Precious Metal Recycling and Recovery in Malaysia   Precious metal recycling and recovery is a critical process that involves extracting and purifying valuable metals like gold and silver from various waste materials. As a key player among precious metal recovery services in Malaysia, Hydro Metal …

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Chemical Treatment

What is Chemical Treatment? Advanced Chemical Treatment Services: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Chemical Management Our Chemical Treatment Services are at the core of our commitment to environmental stewardship and industrial safety. Specializing in the treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous chemical wastes, our processes are designed to neutralize dangers, reclaim valuable components, and minimize ecological impact. …

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What is Recovery? Leading the Way in Precious Metal Recovery At Hydro Metal (M) Sdn. Bhd., our core expertise lies in our sophisticated Recovery Services, where we specialize in the extraction and purification of precious metals to an unparalleled purity level of 99.99%. Our state-of-the-art processes and advanced technology enable us to recover gold and …

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Sump pit cleaning service

What is a Sump Pit Cleaning Service? At Hydro Metal (M) Sdn. Bhd., we understand that the heart of these systems often lies within the humble yet crucial sump pit. Over time, sump pits can accumulate a variety of materials, from sediments and debris to more substantial obstructions that can compromise their functionality. Recognizing this, …

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Spillage Service

What is a Spillage Service? Spillage service offers a specialised and rapid-response solution for the efficient management of material spillages that may occur at different stages of processing. A spillage service refers to a professional service that is responsible for the cleanup, containment, and proper management of hazardous or potentially harmful substances that have been …

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