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About HYDRO METAL (M) SDN BHD: Leading Sustainability and Metal Refinery in Malaysia

For over 20 years, HYDRO METAL (M) SDN BHD has not only been a leader in scrap metal recycling but also a pioneer in environmental sustainability in Malaysia. Our DOE-approved FULL RECOVERY facility, established in 1999, showcases our commitment to leveraging advanced technology for efficient precious metal recovery, all while minimizing our environmental footprint.


As your trusted partner, HYDRO METAL is dedicated to transforming environmental waste into valuable resources sustainably. We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology and efficient processes that ensure complete discharge treatment, reducing environmental impacts significantly. Our competitive pricing model makes sustainability achievable for all, supported by our robust local and international partnerships that drive continuous improvement.

Expanding beyond traditional boundaries, HYDRO METAL offers specialized services in handling a variety of scheduled waste such as SW204 sludges, inorganic acid SW206, e-waste SW110, and Solder Dross SW104. We are also certified to manage SW410 and SW411, which include contaminated rags and spent activated carbon, respectively. Not stopping there, our facility is equipped to safely process SW414-Spent Cyanide, SW325-Uncured Resin Waste, and SW202-Waste Catalysts, utilizing advanced treatment technologies. Additionally, we specialize in precious metal recycling from waste catalysts, repurposing them for resale and further use in the industry.

Choose HYDRO METAL (M) SDN BHD as your sustainability champion and partner in precious metal recovery and waste management. Together, we can redefine the future of responsible resource recovery and make a tangible difference in our world.

Our Brand

Building Lasting Relationships with Professional Waste Management and Precious Metal Recovery Services in Malaysia.

Company Name:

Hydro Metal (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Company Registration No:
Land Area:

7677 m2

Built-Up Area:

5259 m2


14th June 1999

Authorized Capital:

MYR 5,000,000/-

Paid-Up Capital:

MYR 2,500,000/-

Manpower Strength:

40+ peoples



As a partner of industrial development, we seek to maximise the salvage and efficient usage of scrap materials through innovative recycling and recovery process of the industry.

OUR Commitment


As a licensed corporation, we ensure highest standard of collection, recycling and recovery. We guarantee prompt, professional and responsible services to allclients

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR refers to the need for
businesses to be good
corporate citizens.

CSR involves going beyond the law’s requirements in protecting the environment…

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