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Pioneering Waste Management and Metal Recycling in Malaysia. From Waste to Wealth, Responsibly.

At Hydro Metal (M) Sdn Bhd, we transform industrial waste into valuable resources with responsibility and precision. Established in 1999, our company has grown to become a leader in scheduled waste management and precious metal recovery services in Malaysia. As a fully licensed operator awarded FULL RECOVERY status by the Department of Environment (D.O.E) of Malaysia, we are at the forefront of scheduled waste management, specializing in both scrap metal recycling and the recovery of precious metals.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous processes and advanced machinery, ensuring maximum returns and full compliance with client requirements. We are not just a waste management company; we are also innovators in precious metal recycling in Malaysia, offering competitive pricing for all ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Our operations are designed to ensure that all discharges are completely treated, promoting a clean and safe cycle back to the environment. This commitment places us among the top metal recycling companies in Malaysia and underscores our dedication to sustainable practices.

To maintain and enhance our credible standards, services, and production, Hydro Metal actively networks with accredited companies within the same fraternity, both locally and overseas. This collaboration drives mutual development and innovation, further solidifying our position as a leading precious metal refinery in Malaysia.

In addition to our core services, we provide a comprehensive range of supplementary services. Whether you are looking for gold recovery services or a scheduled waste management, Hydro Metal is your trusted partner.

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